15 simple conversion rate optimisation hacks

What would you say to an increase of a few percent on your current site conversion rates?

Given that conversion rates generally equal money in your pocket (or at least a very big pat on the back from a client) – the answer is likely to be ‘yes please!’

Upping conversion rates is usually one of those ‘easier said than done’ exercises – but it doesn’t have to be.

We recently has a chance to sit down with the team at Think Zap who are one of Scotland’s leading web design companies and they have shared 15 reasonably simple site hacks that that’ll see you conversion rates heading sky high – and importantly, we’ll look at why they work.

Home page video

Having a video on your homepage appeals to our lazy brains. Give your customers the information they need in video format and save them hitting back at the prospect of having to trawl your site for the info they need.

Industry average rates suggest a homepage video will boost your conversions between 75-100%

Guest checkouts

You can expect an increase in ecommerce conversions to the tune of around 50% if you let your visitors check out as guests. The reason is simple – fewer barriers the conversion for your customer – and we all know, fewer barriers, increased results.

Reduce form fields

What do you really need from your customer when they’re completing a form? Ask yourself that question then strip it back to the bare bones. If you’re starting with 10-12 fields and can manage to reduce that down to either 4-5, you can expect to see around 140% more conversions…

Use high-quality images

How does a 62% increase in conversions sound? That’s what you can expect if you go from a lacklustre shot or stock image – to a high quality professional image on your homepage. People have got a nose for stock images – so use something that’s original and you’ll have them converting in increasing numbers.

Video testimonials

How can you be certain that any testimonial you read on a page is legitimate? Well, you can’t – but you stand a better chance of working out if what you’re seeing is genuine if it appears in video format.

Customers love video testimonials – they’re hard to fake and tick the same psychological boxes as a friend recommending a product. Some industries see conversion increases of 150%+ when they put video testimonials on their pages…

Add PayPal

Want to make spending money with you easy? Adding a PayPal button will see order increases somewhere in the tune of 35% – and it’s all about convenience. Most of your traffic is now likely to be coming from mobile – and while we love mobile browsers, inputting card details can be a pain.

Reduce those awkward form completions by offering payment with PayPal – and in just a couple of clicks, the customer’s money will be on its way to you.

Add a promo code on your homepage

A promo code is almost guaranteed to draw customers deeper into your site, searching for something that will mean they can redeem the code and save some money. Expect an increase of 6-8% in onsite sales if you offer an appealing code.

Make sure you’re mobile friendly

It’s nearly 2018 – if you’ve not optimised for mobile now you’re really missing a trick. Depending on your industry studies show you can expect an increase in conversions anywhere between 100% and 700% if you’re driving mobile traffic at your site but aren’t catering for smaller layouts and mobile browsers.

Add a contact number

Adding a contact phone number to your site is as much a psychological move as it is a customer service boost. Having a number on your site puts customer confidence through the roof – and when customer confidence is high, customers spend money.

A phone number makes you site look like the front of a real company – meaning support is immediately at hand if there are any issues that your customer needs resolving.

Are you a robot?

Complex captcha is a massive turn off for customers. The occasional ‘tick box’ isn’t too bad – but if you’ve had to identify how many of the squares have street signs/cars/shop fronts in them – you’ll know how tempting that back button looks.

Don’t take the risk that you’ll put your customers off, ditch the captcha and see conversions increase by 3-5%

Share share share

You might think that social share options on product pages will have people circulating your stuff around the globe – but in reality, it doesn’t quite work like that. In fact, removing social share buttons from your pages actually puts conversions up by 12% – owing mostly to the fact that you keep your customer’s eyes on the prize… tunnel vision all the way to the check out…

Live chat

Adding live chat to your page is useful in a couple of ways. It offers the same psychological confidence boost that having a phone number gives – and it also offers your customers a chance to pose a question that they’d otherwise go elsewhere with.

The psychological boost and the second chance to win your customer over will add an increase of anywhere between 20-200% in terms of conversions – depending on how you handle the live chat interactions.

Simple and clutter free

When it comes to landing pages – less is definitely more. A/B testing between image heavy, long landers vs. short and concise pages carrying the same information shows a big preference for the latter – increasing conversions by over 150%.

Follow the logo conventions

People are used to seeing your logo top left – and occasionally top centre. Start getting quirky and your site loses the familiar feel that inspires confidence in your audience. Tick all the ‘conventions’ boxes and you can expect an increase in conversions of around 70%

Speed is everything

So, we’ll finish off with a word of warning – rather than a solid figure.

All this work you’ve put in to maximise your chances of converting your traffic is worth next to nothing if your page doesn’t load in a reasonable time. And by reasonable – we actually mean lightning fast!

Make people wait for more than 3 seconds and you can kiss goodbye to around 20% of the traffic that was heading in your direction. Wait any longer and you’ll start to lose the majority of your traffic. Focus on page load speed to make sure as many people get through the door as possible…

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