Web development and Web design go hand in hand.  Fundamentally it is two different parts of the whole concept of a website, each part requiring its own unique set of skills.

Web design refers to the usability of the website, as well as, the aesthetic proportion thereof.  Various design programs can be used to create the layout to be pleasing and also to offer the user an excellent browsing experience.  All this is done while considering the client’s objectives and the information it should provide.

Then they create and design a balanced website with contrast in the right places, emphasis where it is needed and consistency in all the aspects to form a neat unity between all the parts of the design.

Web developers can also be called programmers.  They take the design created by the web designer and build a website that is fully functional.  You can say that the web designer created a picture of the website and web developers take the designed picture, and break it up into components.  Each component is taken and developed, through using programming languages, into the various pages of the website.

A web developer will take a static layout and convert it into a usable, dynamic website.  To achieve this they use different programming and development tools to debug the new websites unique code.  They may also use image and content sliders, active links, interactive elements and buttons.