Advice on How to Market your Small Online Business Successfully in 2017

Most businesses, even very small businesses, have a website of some kind.  In our modern age, it is unthinkable that you should run a business without using the advantages that modern technologies provide in 2017.

But, having the website is not nearly enough; you need to know how to successfully use and implement online, marketing strategies to your advantage.

5 Tips to Advice you on Improving your Website’s Exposure, Visibility and how to Generate more Traffic Online to Increase Sales

1. Create a Market Strategy that is Customer Focused: Do research on what your clients want and need.  Listen to what your clients say.  You can use online platforms, social media platforms, apps, etc. to start an online conversation with visitors to your website.  Using the information you gained through these conversations can be used to formulate your customer-focused strategy.

2. Further your Client Optimization through Sending out Online Surveys: Online surveys are used to measure the effectiveness of your products and services.  Surveys do not require direct interaction with your client but will give fast and efficient information.  Information that can be used to better understand your market, your product or service and the clients you serve.

3. Use Different Marketing Strategies: Your customers, clients, are not all the same.  You should not rely on the one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.  Your clients will differ in age, preferences, hobbies, gender and also spending habits.  You need to come up with different forms of advertising in order to attract the attention of different audiences.

4. Keep your Website Updated: Your website is acting as free advertising for your product or services.  This is your businesses’ window to the world.  Make sure that it looks the best it can be.  It should be easy to operate, have great content, be focused and without writing errors.  Your website should broadcast your message in a professional, compelling way to attract visitors and make them clients.

5. Be Social: Build a visible, interacting, profile for your business on social media platforms.  This is a marvellous way to keep in contact with your customers and visitors, socially.  Ensure that they remember you by giving gentle reminders of your business and what it offers them.  Create interesting content and offer discounts and special offers on occasion.  Keep in contact by sending SMS’s and e-mails.  Ask clients to sign up for these.  Do not bombard them.

There are many more ways that you can employ to attract more traffic and possible customers to your Online Business.  Remember to never try to force a client’s purchase.  Rather give gentle nudges and constant, without being overbearing, little reminders that your product or service is a must have or a definitely needed item.

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