7 Reasons why you should Always Hire a Professional Website Designer Right from the Start

To have a website for your business is a necessity in today’s technological day and age.  There are many different reasons why you might need a website, but if it is to create an online presence for your business, this website will be the online face of your business.  You will want to make it as appealing and professional as possible to obtain the maximum views and visits to your website.

While getting the website up by yourself might be cost-effective, it might not be the best way to represent your business

7 Reasons to hire a Professional Website Designer that will be saving you costs in the long run:

  1. It will save you time: A professional web designer knows all the things you still have to learn about web design.  While you are concentrating on the content of the website, the designer can manage all the things they know, like web hosting, domain name, layouts, coding and much more.  They have the knowledge to create your website efficiently, customizing beyond just templates, and, be quick about it.
  2. Keeping your website unique: On the Internet, there already are millions of websites.  In order to catch the eye, you will need a website that will stand out and show your business in a unique way to make it preferable to others.  It should be easy to navigate, load efficiently, work properly and please the eye.  A professional designer will know exactly what to do to give your website that extra visual attraction.
  3. User-Friendly: A professional can make the navigation of your website easy for visitors.  They will have your visitors travelling around the site without them getting confused.  A professional designer can build your site that it can also be accessed on mobile devices, for instance, on a Smartphone, and tablets.
  4. First Impressions Count: A professionally designed website will make you outshine your competitors.  It will give confidence in your products or services.  Good First Impressions will also always guide visitors back to your site.
  5. Keeping ahead with New Technology: Technology changes continuously.  Together with technology changes come Internet changes.  A professional will be able to teach you how to these constant changes to keep your website up to date.  They will also be able to implement new fresh ways to bring more traffic to your website and keeping you that step ahead of everyone else.
  6. Being Search Engine Friendly: This is a very important factor.  Your website should be available through many search engines.  A professional web designer knows how to best accomplish this.
  7. Keeping your Website Safe: A professional web designer built your whole site from scratch, which includes all codes they use.  No one else has these codes which makes them difficult to hack.  Viruses and adware or other harmful programs can be placed on your website if it is not protected properly.  A secure, safely guarded website will ensure that it runs smoothly and that your clients can browse without any issues.

Hiring a professional web designer to create your website is very beneficial.  It means that you will get it right, right from the start.

Advice on How to Market your Small Online Business Successfully in 2017

Most businesses, even very small businesses, have a website of some kind.  In our modern age, it is unthinkable that you should run a business without using the advantages that modern technologies provide in 2017.

But, having the website is not nearly enough; you need to know how to successfully use and implement online, marketing strategies to your advantage.

5 Tips to Advice you on Improving your Website’s Exposure, Visibility and how to Generate more Traffic Online to Increase Sales

1. Create a Market Strategy that is Customer Focused: Do research on what your clients want and need.  Listen to what your clients say.  You can use online platforms, social media platforms, apps, etc. to start an online conversation with visitors to your website.  Using the information you gained through these conversations can be used to formulate your customer-focused strategy.

2. Further your Client Optimization through Sending out Online Surveys: Online surveys are used to measure the effectiveness of your products and services.  Surveys do not require direct interaction with your client but will give fast and efficient information.  Information that can be used to better understand your market, your product or service and the clients you serve.

3. Use Different Marketing Strategies: Your customers, clients, are not all the same.  You should not rely on the one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.  Your clients will differ in age, preferences, hobbies, gender and also spending habits.  You need to come up with different forms of advertising in order to attract the attention of different audiences.

4. Keep your Website Updated: Your website is acting as free advertising for your product or services.  This is your businesses’ window to the world.  Make sure that it looks the best it can be.  It should be easy to operate, have great content, be focused and without writing errors.  Your website should broadcast your message in a professional, compelling way to attract visitors and make them clients.

5. Be Social: Build a visible, interacting, profile for your business on social media platforms.  This is a marvellous way to keep in contact with your customers and visitors, socially.  Ensure that they remember you by giving gentle reminders of your business and what it offers them.  Create interesting content and offer discounts and special offers on occasion.  Keep in contact by sending SMS’s and e-mails.  Ask clients to sign up for these.  Do not bombard them.

There are many more ways that you can employ to attract more traffic and possible customers to your Online Business.  Remember to never try to force a client’s purchase.  Rather give gentle nudges and constant, without being overbearing, little reminders that your product or service is a must have or a definitely needed item.

The Many Positive Effects that Technology Left on Our Lives in 2017

Technology can cause both positive and negative feelings and effects on people’s lives and on society.  Focusing on the positive you will find that technology is a very important factor in the growth of humankind in every way possible.  From the very start, technology made life easier for people.  It can also open lots of doors to many opportunities that looked unlikely to be achievable before.

Ways Technology Changed Life for the Better:

Changes in Communication:  Keeping in touch with family and friends can be child’s play in this modern era.  Before the wire telephone, the only way to keep in touch was either visiting or sending a letter, which might take up to three months to be delivered.  With the press of a few buttons, you can speak to anybody, anywhere at any time of the day.

Changes in Business, Trade, and Industry:  Doing business has become so much faster, even when the seller and buyer sit on opposite ends of the world, and their transactions are finalised, electronically, within moments.  More products and services are available to clients.  Calculations are much more accurate today than before and this minimizes the possibility of errors.

Changes in Education:  Technology changed the outlook of education in lots of ways.  Where books will always take an important place in education, almost all educational and learning resources can also be found online.  Studies found that students that have access to technology did better at school.  Research for projects and other studies is also easy to access.

Changes in Medicine:  The skills and dedication of medical professionals, paired with the newest, latest technology can only mean better to the very best in treatment.  Advanced research and modern technology also make it a lot easier to diagnose and treat illnesses.  Even illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

Changes in Family Ways:  Technology brings families closer even when they live far apart.  Technology can never take the place of real kisses and hugs, but it can enable loved ones to see each other and speak to each other, even when they live on different continents.  Family can stay connected, give support and share love even when separated by thousands of miles.

Only a few of the positive effects technology have on our lives.  I am sure there are much more when you think about it.

Infographic by: ocdlab.co

5 Tips on Starting your Dream Business Online

To start your own business is a dream for many people.  It is a way to take control, to start making extra money.  You are thinking about starting small, choosing the hours and time you put in, picking the projects you think will suit you.

But, as with most things, most people also have one or two things holding them back.  Things they think might make their dream impossible.  And, many times one of these things is the way you think about business, the ‘why’ you want to do it, where you want to go with it, and what the priorities for doing it all may be.

It always helps if there is someone that can put your ducks in a row and show them where the pool is.  Someone that will be able to help you make the right decisions at the right times for the right reasons.

5 Tips to Jump Start your Online Business Dream:

Starting your Online business can be overwhelming at first.  You should start by deciding what your business is going to be through testing the waters, doing research on how your service or product will be greeted by possible customers.

  1. Choose your Business; whether it is a product or service orientated business such as Vectorcloud who are based in Edinburgh , decide on what you want to do. Then, do research about your specific business or product’s environment.  Understand your market.  Learning what type of clients will favour your products can teach you a lot about how and when to advertise.
  2. Start Building your Website; if you need your website to be a picture of professionalism, to be catching the eye and receive the maximum visits, it might be better to hire a web designer and web developer. They will know how to set up your website.
  3. Do Marketing; there are many ways to accomplish this. Add your businesses’ URL to all your online information.  Add the URL to your e-mails.  Give out business cards, make comments on social media and create accounts for your business through creating social media accounts for it.
  4. Implement a Service for Receiving and Sending Money; this is crucial for receiving payments for your products or services, as well as, for making payments and transferring money internationally. You need to see the exchange rate immediately, to be able to know the exact amounts of money you are dealing with.
  5. Diversify; once your first money is starting to come in, start thinking about how you can expand your product range or service delivery. Do not rely on only one source of income for long periods.  Diversification can be critical for you to survive in the long run.

You can turn your dream of an Online business into a reality through implementing these 5 tips and by keeping the right mindset.  Do not look for excuses to not do something, look for ways to curb those excuses and become Online Business Owner.