How to Convert MP4 to MP3

The way content is generated, distributed and promoted has changed in the last few years. With the plethora of information available, new storage formats have been developed to cater to the constant incoming supply the market. One such format is the MP4 format which is a popular choice in the world of content storage. It is mostly perceived as a video storing file format yet has the ability to host any type of data including audio, images and even subtitles.

Whereas, an MP3 file format can only store audio records. This standard technology can compress a sound sequence into one twelfth the size of the original file. The best thing about this type of file format is that while being extra storage friendly, there is no compromise on the standard of quality.

Fortunately, there are plenty of methods by which you can convert MP4 files to MP3 formats such as

There are also several tools that can be downloaded free of cost on your desktop or be used directly within your browser.

Following are the three most feasible file converters from our list, along with the instructions for converting MP4 to MP3.

Freemake Video Converter

This software lets you extract the audio from your favorite video in a user-friendly manner. It also enables you to convert tons of MP4 files to MP3 at once without any limitations.

You only have to follow a few easy steps that are mentioned below.

STEP 1: Install the software

There are two versions available for installation. One is for online usage and the other is for offline consumption. The offline version can be downloaded from the website and installed on the computer.

You will have to follow the installation steps. The software will start after you’ve clicked the finish button.

STEP 2: Add MP4 video

There will be a “+ video” button available on the top right corner. You have to click that button in order to add your clips for conversion. Make sure your videos don’t have any sort of protection because the Freemake software doesn’t support protected media.

STEP 3:  Select to MP3 format

Now you will have to find the required format and select the ‘to MP3’ from the buttons. You can also add this format to your favorites by clicking the star sign right next to it.

STEP 4: Make final changes

You will be provided with a quality choice list (320kbps, 256kbps, etc.) after you’ve clicked the format button. Choose the required quality and proceed to the next step.

STEP 5: Converting the files

You will have to select a folder for your media file. You can also use the “export to iTunes” option to add your track to iTunes media library.

Now you just have to click the “convert” button and it will do the task for you.

Any Video Converter

This software will enable you to convert your videos into audios with bolting speed for free. The quality of the resulting audio will not disappoint you. Following are the steps you will have to follow in order to convert your videos using this software.

STEP 1: Install

You can download the software from the AVC website and then follow the installation steps for it to run on your computer. You should choose to “customize” your installation as there is bloatware included as well. Make sure to uncheck any unnecessary boxes.

STEP 2: Start the software

After installation, the software will be available in the Start menu on a indows computer. If you are using Mac, you can search for the program in spotlight or access it through the Application Menu.

STEP 3: Adding Videos

Click the “Add video(s)” button on the top left corner of the program. A pop-up window will appear where you will have to browse the clips you want to convert. You can also add multiple videos at the same time.

STEP 4: Selecting the format

Click the drop-down menu on the top right corner. A list of options will appear. Select the “common audio format” with a black music note symbol. Then select Mp3 audio and save your desired location for the resulting audio. Also set the audio bitrate from “audio options” in the bottom right corner.

Unfortunately, the freemium MacBook version does not allow audio output customization like it does for windows. However, to convert the MP4 files to MP3 click the profile option on the top right corner, choose the headphones icon and then select “MP3 audio” from the list.

STEP 5: Converting from MP4 to MP3

A “convert now” button will be present on the top right corner, adjacent to the presets option. Simply click that.

On a Mac, the same button will be present at the bottom right corner. All the clips that you’ve inserted will be then converted to an MP3 file format.

Cloud Convert

Cloud convert is a cloud-based service that will require you to make a free account online. Along with MP4 to MP3, Cloud convert provides conversion between a 100 file formats. It is completely web-based.

With a free account you are limited to upload files that are less than 1 GB in size, with maximum 25 conversion minutes per day and 5 concurrent conversions. A paid account definitely more advantages, but if you want few and smaller files converted per day, you’ll be fine with the free account

STEP 1: Selecting Files

Head to the cloud convert website. There will be a “select files” option in the center of the page. Click that. A pop-up window will show up. Search the videos you want to convert from your computer. You can also select the desired video from your Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or your Box account.

STEP 2: Selecting Format

After adding the MP4 videos, click the “select format” button. After that a drop down list will appear. Select “audio” and then “MP3” from the list. A wrench icon is located right beside the file. Click that icon if you want to adjust the audio bitrate, frequency, normalization or channels. You can also trim any undesired audio from the file.

STEP 3: Download Options

With Cloud Convert, you can either download the resulting audio or have it sent directly to your Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box account. For the latter, you will have to check the top box.

STEP 4: Converting from MP4 to MP3

After completing the above steps, click the red “start conversion” button on the right side of the page. There will be two bars, yellow and gray, which will notify you about the conversion status of the files. There will also be an option to cancel the ongoing conversion.

STEP 5: Completion

It will take some time for the conversion to be completed depending on the size of the files. After the successful completion, click the green “download” button and save the resulting audio in your desired location on computer.


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