The Many Positive Effects that Technology Left on Our Lives in 2017

Technology can cause both positive and negative feelings and effects on people’s lives and on society.  Focusing on the positive you will find that technology is a very important factor in the growth of humankind in every way possible.  From the very start, technology made life easier for people.  It can also open lots of doors to many opportunities that looked unlikely to be achievable before.

Ways Technology Changed Life for the Better:

Changes in Communication:  Keeping in touch with family and friends can be child’s play in this modern era.  Before the wire telephone, the only way to keep in touch was either visiting or sending a letter, which might take up to three months to be delivered.  With the press of a few buttons, you can speak to anybody, anywhere at any time of the day.

Changes in Business, Trade, and Industry:  Doing business has become so much faster, even when the seller and buyer sit on opposite ends of the world, and their transactions are finalised, electronically, within moments.  More products and services are available to clients.  Calculations are much more accurate today than before and this minimizes the possibility of errors.

Changes in Education:  Technology changed the outlook of education in lots of ways.  Where books will always take an important place in education, almost all educational and learning resources can also be found online.  Studies found that students that have access to technology did better at school.  Research for projects and other studies is also easy to access.

Changes in Medicine:  The skills and dedication of medical professionals, paired with the newest, latest technology can only mean better to the very best in treatment.  Advanced research and modern technology also make it a lot easier to diagnose and treat illnesses.  Even illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

Changes in Family Ways:  Technology brings families closer even when they live far apart.  Technology can never take the place of real kisses and hugs, but it can enable loved ones to see each other and speak to each other, even when they live on different continents.  Family can stay connected, give support and share love even when separated by thousands of miles.

Only a few of the positive effects technology have on our lives.  I am sure there are much more when you think about it.

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