Web developers use web development tools that allow them to work with different web technologies that include HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, and other components, all handled by the browser.

Web development tools also come as add-ons and built-in features of the web browser. The best-known browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox. These browsers have built-in features (tools) that help web developers in testing and debugging a website’s code.

Useful Web Development Tools:

  1. Top 5 frameworks that are used in web development: The video talks about each design framework and demonstrates how you could use it.

  1. Chrome Extensions to help with productivity: Find a helpful list of extensions, like JavaScript, and a description of how to use it effectively when web developing, programming or designing.

  1. Useful HTML5 tools for the web: 20 of the most HTML5 tools that will save you time without any compromise to the quality of your work, and also improve productivity.

  1. What you need to know about Web Development: The video will start at the beginning and take you through the whole workout of creating a website. This is your complete roadmap on what to do and learn and know when you want to become a web developer.

  1. How to start out as a Web Developer: This guide will talk about the latest technologies in web design and development. It will guide you with information about what you should learn and what is required to know and what are only extras.

There are many things to know and learn. Going through these YouTube videos and following the step by step guides will help you to become a web developer in a constantly changing technological environment. The ever-changing environment might be the best and worst thing in the web developing environment.

While it can be exciting, it also means that a web developer must be learning new techniques and programming languages. You need to operate proactively.